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Website Design: How To Navigate Designing For Content-Heavy Websites?

Website Design How To Navigate Designing For Content-Heavy Websites

The debate about content and website design conundrum has been going on for a long time. There is an equilibrium that is recommended for websites wherein the content and the design should complement each other. But what if the website is essentially full of written content?

In such a situation, there arises a challenge to design content-rich websites in a manner that is appealing and clutter-free. While doing this, the biggest task is to make sure the content does not overwhelm the users but offers utility to them. Let us try to understand the best practices for doing so.

Practices To Follow The Next Time You Design Such A Website

To make sure the user is actually able to get the utility from the content on a content-heavy website, you can incorporate the following practices in your designing process:

Introduce Excerpts

You don’t want your user to be bombarded with a lot of information, especially if the published website content is of long-format type. The best way out is to display 50 to 60-word excerpts of the content. If the user finds the excerpt useful for them, they can easily click on the read more button to dive deeper into the content.

Keep The Layout As Simple As It Gets

The goal of a simple layout is not to bog down the user with an information overload. Organizing content in short paragraphs with proper use of white space will ensure less clutter.

Integrate Visuals Into Content

It is hard for a user to read a mammoth-sized piece of information with just plain text on the page. It is better to integrate visual elements on the page to keep the user engaged. Consider adding info-graphics or pie charts when the content has a lot of statistics.

Keep Web Design Responsive

Since your website has a lot of content, the website design needs to be responsive across a range of devices, especially mobile phones. Also, consider improving the readability on various devices and platforms

Website Speed Matters Too

Longer loading times can discourage users from your website, and it also has a bearing on your search engine rankings. Using content delivery networks and compressed images and files are things you can do to improve website speed.

Also, remember that font and typography are important factors while designing a website. If you need assistance, then a web design company in Dubai can help your content-rich website strike a perfect content-design balance.

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