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Planet Green Solutions is the finest eCommerce web design and eCommerce website development company in Dubai that helps you enhance online shop awareness and create a high degree of customer awareness. We work exclusively in devising and designing eCommerce sites from our office in Dubai, UAE that transform website users into deals.

We are a leading eCommerce web development company in Dubai, and our services extend all over the UAE in crafting beautiful web-based eCommerce solutions for ultimate online shopping experiences. Our eCommerce website development services include full-fledged online eCommerce store web design and custom eCommerce web development for small, medium and large-scale retail businesses.

We construct fully customizable & easy to use eCommerce websites & applications that engage & retain customers. We have maximized conversions and consumer traffic for the clients not only just in Dubai but entire of the UAE, using these platforms:

  • Magento

    A popular eCommerce platform, Magento boasts multiple impressive features. Magento is versatile and it has a mobile-friendly platform, which increases its popularity. Magento offers several options that enhance site performance and helps you build a scalable, user-friendly website. It is highly customizable across all fronts and is also highly cost-effective.

  • WooCommerce

    WooCommerce helps you optimize your site with advanced features including inventory management, search engine optimization, brand promotion, a huge range of themes, and free WordPress plugins. WooCommerce is popular with many big companies, given its sophisticated features and impressive interface.

  • BigCommerce

    This is an affordable option that also gives you access to many great features to boost your website. It is secure, easy to use, and responsive. BigCommerce offers advanced SEO, multiple design options, customizable security, and easy store management. It also offers 24/7 live support for all issues. It is a B2B platform that helps scale your business to new heights.

  • Shopify

    Shopify helps build eCommerce sites from scratch. It is highly popular and is used by millions of users worldwide. Shopify is easy to understand for non-technical users. It is highly flexible and allows custom site-building. It also hosts several options to increase functionality. Shopify is a highly reliable platform with 24/7 tech support, strong marketing strategies, and easy payment options.

Our squad of expert eCommerce website inventors based in Dubai will guarantee that your website will breathe life, transforming users into recurring clients.
Here are the outstanding attributes that our eCommerce products possess:

  • Website Analytics
  • Merchandise Management
  • Account & Budget Management
  • SEO Integration
  • Integration with the Payment Gateway (CCAvenue, Network International, Telr, ADPAY, etc.)
  • User Performance & Account Management
  • 3rd Party Ratings & Evaluation Integration
  • Warehouse software Integration
  • Product Search/Filters
  • Live Social Media  Integration
  • Add to Favorites & Check-out  Basket


What makes a good eCommerce website?
A good eCommerce website helps you build brand identity and garner more consumers. A good website is made up of several elements that work together to create a cohesive brand image. These include basics like color gradients, graphics, and SEO content as well as other important factors like responsiveness, ease of navigation, and a customer-friendly interface.
What technologies do you use to create an eCommerce website?
At Planet Green, we aim to build easy-to-use and user-oriented eCommerce websites that will bring you more consumers and increase your brand value. To create these websites, we use platforms like WooCommerce and Magento. Sites can also be custom-made according to specific requirements.
What is the cost of building an eCommerce website In Dubai?
The costs of building websites vary. The pricing will depend on design, website type, and added features. Planet Green Solutions believes in transparent working and fair pricing. There will be no hidden costs of development and all our pricing is standard according to market values eCommerce web development Dubai companies offer.
What about the security of my store?
We care about your business and understand the importance of security. All developed websites are carefully designed keeping in mind the security of your store. We use encryption, authentication, regular maintenance checks as well as firewalls to maintain the security of your eCommerce website.
Why responsive web design is so important for an e-commerce website?
A responsive design for your eCommerce site is important to provide users with a uniform and streamlined experience with your website across all devices. A responsive website caters to both mobile and desktop users. A seamless shopping experience generates more revenue and increases user traffic. Work with us for eCommerce web design Dubai companies should use.
Can I give a face-lift/modify the website later on?
Yes. You can modify websites after they have been built. Our services are available to you till you are fully satisfied with your website. Any required modifications will be made by our skilled team.
Why is it important for business owners to create an eCommerce site?
eCommerce is now more important than ever as people resort to online shopping in the digital age. An eCommerce website will help you reach more people across distances and through all devices. They also help create brand image and identity. An eCommerce website also helps you analyze your audience base and run creative, direct marketing campaigns.
Do you provide eCommerce website maintenance support?
Yes. We provide regular quality checks and website maintenance for your eCommerce site. These include security, content backups, and usability testing. Any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.
Do you provide payment gateway, delivery gateway, and SMS integration support for the eCommerce website?
Yes. We design an optimum, user-friendly payment experience for your eCommerce website user which includes payment and delivery gateways. Customer support through SMS integration is also an integral part of our eCommerce design. These are all aimed at the user end keeping the security of your store in mind.
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