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Planet Green Solutions provides you with the premium hosting and support services your website needs. Our team is dedicated to meeting your goals and providing an optimum website development experience. Our high quality, steadfast, and loyal support will help create a website with smooth performance and high returns.

Planet Green Solutions is a web design and web development company in Dubai, UAE. Our services focus on developing websites and apps tailored to your business needs, aiming to deliver an optimized experience to each customer. Planet Green Solutions is a trusted web development company with over a decade of experience. We offer a range of services – everything including web design, web & mobile app development, e-commerce development, hosting, and branding services. Partner with Planet Green Solutions to meet all your web and mobile app development and website hosting needs:

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Domain Management and Services

Leave the hassle of domain management to us. Our team will help with essential tasks like data organization, dispute resolution, contract maintenance, domain name maintenance, sale support, acquisitions, and data analysis. Domain management is essential to keep the website up and running. It is the key to accessibility and security.

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Shared Hosting

Planet Green Solutions provides stellar shared hosting services. Shared hosting stores and maintains multiple sites on a single server. This is not only a cheaper alternative to dedicated hosting, but it also makes website management easier. A website with shared hosting is easier to maintain, has lesser security concerns, and saves you a lot of money.

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Dedicated Hosting

With dedicated hosting, you can acquire a whole server for your website. This dedicated server will only host your website(s) and can be optimized fully to suit your requirements. Dedicated servers are recommended for supporting demanding applications with a heavy load and a large number of users. Dedicated servers are stable support platforms that can be personalized to your needs. It is more reliable and is often preferred by companies over shared hosting. It also helps in designing optimum security controls.

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Cloud Hosting

Choose a new and modern way to host your website. With cloud hosting, your website is deployed on a network of cloud resources and not on a single server. Pay for the resources you use, and build a site that is highly scalable and more manageable. Cloud hosting makes your website easily accessible, saves time and money costs, provides a flexible hosting experience, and addresses critical security concerns. At Planet Green Solutions, we use reliable platforms like Azure, AWS, and Digital Ocean for your cloud hosting needs.

website support and maintenance services

Support and Maintenance Services

Our team is dedicated to providing you with quick and efficient support options. We offer well-organized tech support to help with troubleshooting, security questions, updates, and data backups to increase speed and functionality. Support and maintenance are key to keeping your website properly functioning. Planet Green Solutions provides long and short-term solutions for all your concerns. Be assured of stellar performance through the proper maintenance of your website.

Work with Planet Green Solutions to meet your web development and hosting needs. Our team of skilled technicians provides you with the finest experience and builds you a flawless digital experience.

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