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Frequently Asked Questions

How many years have we served in the UAE market?

Planet Green Solutions has been providing the UAE market with stellar web development services for over twelve years. Through this time, we have managed to create a wide customer base and a trustworthy reputation. Our years of experience help us provide you with the best quality, timely service.

What are the services you provide?

Planet Green Solutions is a web development company in Dubai, UAE. Our work is centered around web development and web design. We also develop mobile applications and design e-commerce platforms. We also provide support and hosting including maintenance for your websites. We aim to help you create a brand that stands out and brings you more customers and profits.

Do you create and integrate APIs?

Yes. We focus on high-quality and efficient API integration with a focus on the user end to provide customers with ultimate satisfaction. Our focus remains on creating a uniform interface and layer independence along with high protocol security measures. We create powerful REST APIs to provide you with a quality experience with web development.

Which platform do you use to develop e-commerce websites?

At Planet Green Solutions, we help you design the perfect website for your e-commerce business, customizing the features according to your products and targeted audience. We use web development and CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal, WooCommerce, and Umbraco to develop websites. E-commerce web development is one of our premier services.

Are there any hidden costs involved during the development?

There are no hidden costs involved during development. All monetary work and financial statements regarding your project are made available to you. We value honesty and transparency. Rest assured that no hidden costs will pop up for you than what is quoted to you.

How many projects have you done as a web design agency in UAE?

Planet Green Solutions has been a popular web design company in Dubai, UAE for 12 years. Throughout this time, we have worked on multiple projects and produced optimum results. Some of our recent work includes web design for the UAE Ministry of Cabinet Affairs, Federal Youth Authority, and Abu Dhabi National Energy Company.

Why is web design important?

Web design is vital to ensuring a good user experience, and retaining customers. Web design makes a good first impression on new users and helps get leads and convert sales. Web design is also important to rank higher on search engines. SEO-optimized web design brings more traffic to your site. It also helps your brand stand out and gives it an identity and a voice.

Do you redesign and develop existing websites?

Planet Green Solutions offers both website development and redevelopment services. We will help you redesign and re-strategize your brand and online approach. Based on your needs and requirement, website redevelopment can include several aspects, like improving graphics, content, and responsiveness. Work with us to redevelop the online presence of your business in all the UAE emirates like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah.

Can we view the website design while it is in progress?

Yes, you can view the website design as it is in progress. This will allow you to have a say in the design and a constant idea of the design process.

Do you offer e-commerce packages?

Yes. We develop e-commerce websites and offer packages for the same. Work with us at Planet Green Solutions to design an e-commerce platform that is engaging and user-friendly. We aim to develop easy-to-use apps and websites for small to large businesses.

How long does it take to build a website?

The time taken to build a website depends on several factors. These include design, content, scale, and other elements. It can take about two to five months to fully design a website and prepare it for use. Working with a website design agency like ours ensures development will be quick and efficient without compromising on quality.

Are the websites you design mobile-friendly?

All developed websites are mobile-friendly. Sites that we design can be accessed easily through computers as well as mobile phones. Mobile-friendly website design includes enhancing text and image adaptability. Our website development strategies focus on making responsive websites that adapt well across all devices.

Do you develop complex/advanced web applications?

Yes. At Planet Green Solutions, our highly-skilled team of web developers and software specialists develop several complex and advanced web applications. Our goal is to create apps that are future-oriented and support your growth in the world market.

What makes you the finest software company in Dubai?

Planet Green Solutions has been in the software and web development business for more than 12 years. Our highly-rated services and high rate of customer satisfaction is the key to our reputation. We are committed to quality, efficiency, and productive value formation.

Do you provide content and images for the website?

All the responsibility for your website’s design is on us. We provide images and graphic additions for your web design. We also specialize in providing SEO content for web pages. This ensures your site ranks high in search engines and generates more traffic.

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