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Branding Agency in Dubai

We believe your brand is your identity that connects you with people and makes you stand out among your competitors. Our Branding team will help you transform your brand into a powerful, visual identity that aids your website design.

Personalized Branding for Every Business

At Planet Green, we provide you with the best corporate branding and rebranding solutions that take your brand to new heights and build a sustainable and creative brand image.

Planet Green is the best creative branding agency in Dubai, UAE. Work with us to create a brand with high value that attracts your target consumer group and brings you high returns.

Building a good brand is a multi-faceted task. It includes several, varied processes that eventually tie up together to create an impressive product. We are here to save you the hassle. We design the perfect brand strategy – suited to your needs and product, to bring out the best possible outcomes.

Have a look at the services we provide:

brand naming - branding agency in uae

Brand Naming

A catchy name is important to make people remember your product and to be able to attach it to the services you provide. A good brand name should be short and should depict the type of product you are offering.

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Logo Design

Our graphic design team consists of the best, professionally trained technicians in all of UAE. We’ll help you design the perfect logo for your brand. An attractive logo that is easy to identify goes a long way in building brand identity.

Brand Story

Brand Story

Every company has a story – and stories sell. Find the perfect way to tell your story to your consumers. This is a good way to build rapport with users and add a humane element to your brand. At Planet Green, we work with you and help your story reach people effectively.

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Brand Audit

A brand audit helps analyze your brand’s standing in the market. To reach your goals, it is first important to evaluate your current situation. An audit will also help in optimizing brand strategy and working on key areas for growth.

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Brand Architecture

This is key to organizing your brand, it’s working, and its various sub-brands. This helps in cross-promotion and creates an integrated brand that is both versatile and solidified. For example, you could have a master brand with several sub-brands and products. Strong brand architecture is important in managing your public image and perception.

Web Design

Web Design

We also help in creating websites that are in line with your brand image. The goal is to help your brand flourish fully and to create a cohesive image for all your products. This starts with your website – with optimized content, creative graphics, innovative UI UX design, and eye-catching imagery.

Packaging Design

Packaging Design

The physical appearance of your product is as important as your brand’s online existence. The correct look and packaging make sure more and more people are buying your product. It is also important for your product to look memorable. A striking appearance that boldly displays your name and logo is the way to go.

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Digital Marketing

We provide you with tools to make full use of the vast potential of the internet to promote your brand. Digital marketing includes a multitude of techniques – SEO, analytics, and content marketing, among others.

We work with you and for you, to provide you with the best branding experience. Create a brand identity that goes along your brand guidelines and attracts a slew of new consumers! Align your vision with your reality, all here at Planet Green Solutions!