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Website Design: Significance Of White Space

Website Design Significance Of White Space

From a web designer’s point of view, a website is a sum of various visual and design elements. But all those UI UX design elements need a background to hold them together; this is precisely what the white or negative space is.

White Space And Its Utility

White space can be defined as the area/space between and within the design elements. The name itself can be a misnomer as the white space doesn’t, in fact, need to be white.

White space can help hold the user or reader’s attention by striking the right balance between information or design elements and breathing space. It is an excellent tool to organize the content better and improve the visual communication experience.

Micro White SpaceMacro White Space
  • Small space between the design elements.
  • Usually found between lines and paragraphs.
  • Direct implication on content legibility.
  • Large space between major layout elements.
  • Usually found at the right and left margins of most websites.
  • Direct implication on the overall design.


Using Micro And Macro Space: Deciding Factors

  • Content

    The more information, the lesser the requirement for macro white spaces. Simultaneously more micro white space is required.

  • Design

    Web design choices influence the ratio between the layout’s micro and macro white spaces.

  • User

    The demographic information of the targeted audience can help the web designer determine the right balance of white space choices.


Elements To Consider When Designing Negative Space

  • Legibility

    Micro white space is crucial to ensure that the interface content is legible. Even the best web design company in Dubai suggests that you must consider white space while choosing the web design typography.

  • Design tone and branding

    White space adds volume to the tone of the overall design of your website. Websites with more significant macro space look more luxurious and minimalist, whereas those with lesser macro space are perceived as informational.

  • Focus and attention

    The negative space on your website can guide the user through the interactive content on the page. You can play with the mix of white spaces to create the focal points in the content.

White space may look blank to an untrained eye, but the opposite is true. When used correctly with the help of a web design Dubai company, the negative space can act as a glue holding various elements together.

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