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7 Excellent Reasons to Revamp your Website

7 Excellent Reasons to Revamp your Website

As the world shifts towards a “new norm” after the COVID pandemic, your brand’s website has now become an important aspect that helps drive new sales and leads. Websites have now been the primary source of marketing activities. Whenever we want to know more about a business or a brand, the first thing we do is go and check out the website of the same. Modern-day customers tend to research, buy products/services, or compare online more today than they ever did.

Ask any web design Dubai team, and you will get to know the importance of re-designing a website.

It is highly important for business owners to invest in newer and user-friendly designs to keep up-to-date with the emerging trends of the web world. And a website that is re-designed can help adhere to the changes in the consumer’s behaviour & maximize the results you get online. To sum it up, a good website’s focus is better engagement with the target audience while bringing in elements like functionality & designs that contribute to the business’ ultimate growth.
If you own a website, you know how important it is for users to connect with you and your brand. To connect with visitors, your website design should be simple and user-friendly. But what if it is not? Should you be opting for a website re-design? If you are unsure whether your website requires a re-design, you must ask yourself these questions outlined below. If your answer to any of these questions is “Yes”, a website revamp is your immediate necessity. Once you get your answer, don’t forget to get in touch with Planet Green Solutions for your web design needs in Dubai. So, here are the questions for you:

  • Is your website’s loading time too long?
  • Is your website not designed for a better user experience on mobile or desktop?
  • Has the brand’s motto changed?
  • Does introducing simple changes or adding new content/tools seem too difficult?
  • Does your competitor’s website look better & provide a better experience than yours?
  • Is your website outdated & old?
  • Is your site not a responsive one?
  • Are conversions or sales declining?
  • Is searching for information on the website a hassle?

Here Are 7 Compelling Reasons to Revamp Your Website:

You Want to Create a Better User Experience to Your Users

Your website’s user experience can be the primary decisive point for potential leads if it adheres to the latest marketing trends. UX or User Experience is a fairly new design discipline that has slowly yet steadily become crucial to the website’s success. It is meant to enhance a visitor’s emotional experience whilst navigating through the website. It also determines whether the design aligns with the user’s intentions.

If your website lacks a good UX, bring onboard a trusted team from Dubai for your web design needs.

Outdated UX Practices

If your site doesn’t impress your visitors within 3 seconds, your chances of converting a potential lead can be jeopardized. Tough navigation, slow loading time, bad mobile optimization or unfriendly mobile loading time and outdated content are some of the regrettable UX practices. Make sure you schedule a session with a web design, Dubai, company to revamp your website in case it has any of the above-mentioned issues.

Wish To Re-align Your Website with Your Marketing Goals

It is a fact that business goals change with the passage of time. Therefore, you should bring changes to your site to support changes in your business goals. Your marketing strategies must be fairly fluid & reflect even the minute changes as business results. You surely don’t need a complete website re-design every time you adjust your business’ marketing goals. However, it can help when you check the website on a regular basis. This helps ensure that the website aligns with the best & latest marketing goals.

With the pandemic taking a toll, businesses have now strategized new ways to continue operating seamlessly. The transition from an offline model to an online model has actually helped businesses do better in terms of ROI and customer reach. A business model that worked a few months ago might not fit through today. For example, if your previous model was in-store sales with a website that drives foot traffic to your store, you might have to completely transition to an online model. You can offer pickup or “buy online” options. To fit this new model, your website’s layout, wordings, & structure should be designed to accommodate everything without seeming too congested.

Are you worried that your website is too cramped up? Get in touch with the best web design service in the Abu Dhabi and Dubai market. Our team at Planet Green Solutions will help you streamline the website’s content with better design strategies.

A Mobile Responsive Website

One of the most important factors in revamping your website is to progressively make it compatible with mobile devices. Your website should be easy to navigate on tablets, mobiles, or similar portable devices.

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A study conducted by Salesforce confirmed that 83 per cent of mobile device users confirm that seamless user experience across different types of viewing devices is crucial. Users wish for information regardless of where they are or what time it is. If your site fails to deliver this experience, they are sure to take their business elsewhere.

It can also consolidate your analytics while making things easy to manage, especially for any ongoing optimizations.

Improving Website Ranking

When you don’t update your website regularly, you compromise on the most valuable digital asset – your Search Engine Result Position. This is a factor that determines your website’s ranking on search engines like Google. And truth be told, consumers trust Google and rely on the top search results as opposed to the ones ranking lower. Thus, Google is not blind to your complacency with your business. With 65 per cent of all searches conducted on Google, your website’s lower ranking can affect sales and growth. Just like you revisit your brand identity, it is important to take a peek at the website re-design process as well. It is the perfect way to optimize your website’s performance using relevant keywords. With website re-designing, you have to ensure that the website’s content adheres to the user’s needs. It should deliver necessary answers or suggestions to what the users are searching for.

Maintenance Difficulties

When adding new elements to the website, if the updating process feels too difficult, it is the right time to modify your website’s design. Traffic driven to your brand’s website is dependent on the content. If you fail to update the website in time, you face continuous visitor loss with degrading rankings.

The key is to simplify the website or pick a reliable CMS with the help of a web design company in Dubai. This can help with an easy upload of fresh and unique content. However, publishing or designing isn’t the end of a website. You need to continuously rethink your strategies for web development & web design and focus on staying updated with the trend.

You Wish to Introduce a Content Strategy That Converts

Having amazing content on the website helps improve things such as customer retention while helping you focus more on SEO. A good content strategy also helps your brand adhere to the ever-changing search engine algorithms. Implementing a solid strategy for content ensures that your brand surpasses its competitors while being available to the customers as well.

You require a well thought of and researched content strategy designated to focus more on diversity and quality as compared to quantity. Your site has an important role as it provides a platform for your content.

If you plan on making major manipulations to your brand’s content strategy, experts from web design companies in Dubai recommended that you re-design the website for better content support. Keep in mind that good quality content can help your website’s ranking but only when it reaches the people with better visibility. So, search engines such as Google should easily find your content & index it.

Securing The Website

Cyber threats & hidden risks have infiltrated almost every part of the digital domain. This is why it is crucial for a brand to invest in additional and latest security measures. Doing this helps protect the company’s as well as the user’s private data. So, if you are looking forward to implementing website redesigns, this is a crucial benefit to look forward to. It doesn’t just help a brand but also secures the users.

This can prove to be costly for the businesses affected by such cyber threats. Even a single incident can put your business on a path of doom. And, we aren’t just talking about monetary losses, but also bad publicity that can bring down your business’ growth & set your brand back several years. Needless to say, there is no point in procrastinating on making your website secure. So, get started right away!

With reliable web design solutions providers in Dubai like Planet Green Solutions, you can streamline your website UX and watch your business grow and rank. Get in touch with us today for more information about our services.

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