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5 Mistakes That Will Destroy Your New Website

5 Mistakes That Will Destroy Your New Website

How your users interact with your website and their experience navigating it is what makes or breaks website value. Your website is intrinsic to your brand. It is what creates a lasting impression, provides legitimacy to your business, and drives more traffic and consumers to your product or service.

Setting up a website is easy, it is the design and website development part that is tricky. Though websites seem easily manageable, there are multiple components and stages to their design. Making calculated and pragmatic decisions is necessary to create a website that is sustainable and solid. A good way to ensure you don’t fall prey to any follies is to work with a developer. Find a good web development company Dubai-based and located, like Planet Green Solutions.

Here is a list of mistakes you should never make while building a website.

Your site is not responsive.

The most basic aspect of web development is responsiveness. Having a responsive site means that your website can adapt easily to different browsers across different devices. More and more people access the internet on their mobile phones, and it is necessary to cater to all audiences. A site that does not offer a smooth experience on all devices loses out on valuable customers.

You are doing too much.

You want your website to look good, and there are many design options out there. It is easy to get confused about design choices and end up doing too much. Graphics should never be over the top, irrespective of minimalist or louder theme choices. It is important to declutter your website. Controlled creativity is the way to go. Make sure that your color palette, icons, images, and theme are in sync with each other.

Your site loads too slowly.

Speed and efficiency are important aspects of designing a good website experience. Users will generally not spend too much time on a website that loads too slowly. Loading speed must remain optimum and consistent. A one-second delay in loading can cause more than a 15% decrease in customer satisfaction. Make sure your site isn’t heavy to load. This is key to retaining user numbers.

You don’t update your site.

A regularly updated site shows the users that your business is active and growing. It creates an impression of fluidity, success, and commitment. Updates can range from small blog posts or pictures to redesigns, bug fixes, and graphic changes. Keep your content engaging and your site new and active.

You don’t audit your site.

A website audit analyses your website design and recommends additions to and removals from the design template as per website needs. Regular audits ensure that sites keep up with new trends on the internet. Usually, audits assess SEO standards, page performance, speed, adaptability, content quality, and conversation rate. It also helps gain insight into future predictions for your site and its users.

Planet Green Solutions offers seamless solutions to these issues. We are one of the top web development and web design companies in Dubai, with unparalleled services and a reputation that precedes itself.

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