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A Complete Guide to Components of Responsive Web Design

A Complete Guide to Components of Responsive Web Design

According to Data Data Reportal, 5.07 billion people around the world use the internet today. Internet users spend much time on their phones as compared to desktops and computers. This defines, your website must be compatible to work on all relevant platforms.

Responsive web design refers to building a website that works on every device and screen size. As technological advancements are running at a great pace, it has been deeply observed about creating websites that function on any system. Well, the prime motive to create designs is to meet the requirements of end users. Undoubtedly, the diversification of the methods applied for responsive web design is becoming popular day by day. Whether you have an iPhone, iPad, Desktops, Notebooks, or Android mobile, every web design requires function differently. Hiring web development experts from top-class web design companies in Dubai can help your business grow, increase leads and make long-lasting impressions among people.

Dive deep into the components of Responsive web design and know how to respond to the user depending on the platform, screen size, and connection speed.

Responsive Web Design Elements that Do Wonders

Strive for Consistency

Visitors might get annoyed when experiencing inconsistent browsing of your site. Your audience should have easy access to all the information in all forms of your site’s design. From contact details to the navigation menu, the entire content must be easy for the customer to find. Re-using what already exists helps you save time and money and you follow a better practice. It is completely based on data and user research.

Responsive Image Optimization

It is easy to read content on a website with images. Visitors and audiences strongly connect and get a clear impression of the business. People prefer sharing content with images and find blogs without images boring. But the time taken for web page load might frustrate users and might result in fewer leads.
Using a lazy loading technique can help you loads images. The user agent detection may also employ it for your images within or else responsive site, a technique called RESS (Responsive Web Design With Server-Side).

Compatibility is Key

A highly skilled web developer must prioritize designs to be accessible regardless of any platform with a user base considerably. As mentioned above and we cannot run away from the fact that internet users prefer using phones rather than desktops. Compatibility is the key factor and your website must function all across the relevant platforms.

So are you looking ahead to build a responsive website for your brand? Get in touch with Planet Green Solutions and hire professional web development experts to create the best impression of your business. Based in Dubai, the UI/UX Design firm offers dynamic web design solutions to the public and private sectors

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