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Why “Click Here” SEO Hyperlinks Are Bad?

Why Click Here SEO Hyperlinks Are Bad

“Click here,” This seemingly innocent hyperlinked phrase is hampering your user experience and accessibility. Read why you must avoid using this outdated practice of hyperlinking.
So What Makes These Hyperlinks Bad?
There are a few reasons to shed this age-old practice of “click here.

Lack of context

Ideally, hyperlinks should inform users where they will be redirected if they click on them. “Click here” doesn’t offer any such information to the users and is thus less user-friendly.

Accessibility issues

Users assisted by screen readers or having visual impairments have difficulty understanding the context of “click here.” Despite having a great UI UX design, this defeats the purpose of using such hyperlinks.

Incompatible with SEO

Using “click here” hyperlinks confuses the search engine about the context of the link and its relevancy. This can cause issues with page indexing and ranking.

Touchscreen devices

67.81% of people use smartphones to interact with online content, making physical clicking less common. Users can tap on the screen to visit a link, thus making hyperlinks outdated and inaccurate.

Better user experience

“Click here” is not definitive and can discourage the user from clicking on the link even if the link is helpful for them.

What’s The Right Way Out?

    • Using descriptive and logical hyperlinks.
    • Better styling to distinguish your links.
    • Be concise while using descriptive hyperlinks.
    • Ensure the line text is in alignment with the context of the link.


While providing users with useful information, the goal is to add utility. Making the hyperlinks more precise, descriptive, and less ambiguous can help increase user engagement. Want help with the same? Our web design company in Dubai can help you out!

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