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What are Orphan Pages and How Do They Impact SEO?

What are Orphan Pages and How Do They Impact SEO

Our years of experience as one of the prominent SEO companies in Dubai made us come across several struggling websites with different optimization problems.

An orphan page is a common issue that is equally ignored.

This article will help to explain what orphan pages are and how they affect SEO.

Orphan pages are website pages that do not have any direct communication links from other sections of this internet space. In simpler terms, they are different from others on site because no one is pointing at them using a text link, so people, including search engine robots, cannot locate them easily at all times.

How Do Orphan Pages Impact SEO?

Crawling and Indexing Issues:

Pages get recognized and indexed by search engines through the use of links. A page may become invisible to search engines when it is an orphan failing to be indexed at all which could be harmful to potential visitors since if not indexed then such a page shall not be found on SERPs thus making it invisible.

Poor User Experience:

The search engines we use take more notice of the user experience. Those pages that are on their own, contribute to such a poor user experience in that website that users cannot easily navigate to them. It is associated with an increase in bounce rates and a decrease in time spent on the site, which results in reduced performance in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Ineffective Content Utilization:

Content plays a crucial role in SEO. Orphaned pages reflect potentially helpful as well as valuable material that is not used appropriately. Cited within search engine viewpoint, such can reduce site worthiness and relevance, henceforth lowering its ranking levels.

Identifying and Fixing Orphan Pages

No matter which Search Engine Optimization agency you want to partner with, there are a few ways to address orphan pages that you must be aware of:

Site Audits: Carry out comprehensive site audits routinely. Tools like Google Search Console, Screaming Frog, or Ahrefs are known to highlight your orphan pages.

Internal Linking Strategy: Develop a strong internal linking plan that will link each significant page to some other pages that are important on the website. Not just for the sake of SEO but also for improving customer experience.

Content Review: Regularly go through what you have posted on your website. Revise any pages that exist in isolation to effectively incorporate them into the content strategy. It is paramount that any content you write should have some meaning while being easily available to people who browse the internet.

To sum up, orphan pages can hinder your SEO efforts considerably because they make valuable content invisible to both search engines and users. When you identify and handle these pages, you can enhance your website’s SEO health, and drive up the user experience while also increasing your position in search engine results.

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