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Website Header Design Trends for 2023

Website Header Design Trends for 2023

A good website design entails several elements. A website’s layout is a critical aspect of its usability. An attractive design with clear details ensures your users have a good experience using your site and enhances your web presence. One of the most important elements of web design is creating a header design.

The header is what dictates your web page, sitting right at the top. It usually shows your company’s name, logo, or the service you provide. A header is supposed to display the key information about your brand. Your header should be

  • Readable and clear
  • Concise
  • Memorable
  • Visually attractive

There are several options you can choose from when deciding on a header design. Read on to find a list of website header designs that will be popular in 2023. These are all web design options that Dubai companies can use.

Multi-Level Header

A multi-level header is good for two reasons – it looks great, and it allows you to present a lot of key information in your header. This is a popular format that can be seen in the headers of most websites and popular brands. It is recommended for businesses with multiple branches or sub-brands, or simply if you want to make navigating your site easier.

A multi-level header may include action buttons, sister brands, search bars, sub-links, and notification bars. This is a useful way of creating the optimum omnichannel website experience.

Minimum Content Header

This one is quite contrary to a multi-level header, but it is aesthetically pleasing and works for brands that want to opt for a simple, minimalist design. The idea is to have the logo or the brand name front and center, while the navigation links are hidden in a hamburger menu. A hamburger menu refers to the small three-line icon that opens up a drop-down menu with links to navigate the site you might have seen online. Hamburger menus free up spaces and prevent clutter. These are great for small websites that aren’t heavy to load. If you are looking to design a website that is understated and responsive, this is the way to go.

Left-Aligned Header

A left-aligned header is useful due to its simple psychology. Users that read left to right (most languages like English, French, German, etc. are written this way) are prone to look to the left of the screen first. This makes the left area the optimum space for your header. It also makes home navigation simple, intuitive, and natural. With this header design, the text can be both horizontal and vertical. Many companies choose to have a vertical left-aligned header and a horizontal center-aligned one.

Mega Menu Header

Mega menus can popularly be seen on online retail and e-commerce platforms. These refer to the huge drop-down menus that appear when you tap on an icon or text. A mega menu header also serves to declutter the site, though many people find it hard to use on mobiles. Mega menus are detailed and comprehensive, which makes them a popular choice for businesses. Remember to make a meticulously detailed, clean, and well-arranged menu.

Transparent Background Header

A transparent background header blends into the rest of the content and meshes with the overall theme of the site. The background may have a video, gif, or simply some pictures. This serves as great graphic design and is highly catchy and very modern in its design. While designing this kind of header, it is important to keep note of creating a proper contrast between the background and the header text. This is a style that will grow hugely in the next year, so make sure you jump on this train!

These are only a few header designs for you to choose from. Besides these creative designs, the classic route is also a popular way to go, and never disappoints. Work with a good web design company to help your UAE business grow. Design the website of your dreams with a company like Planet Green Solutions, the best web design company in UAE.

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