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Voice Search 2021

voice search 2021 - web design and development Dubai

Back in the days when people started realizing Google’s potential, voice search wasn’t as big a concept. However, with users seeking ease of use, it has now become an undeniable necessity. So, if you are developing a website or an application for your business, it is important to embed this feature for better business scaling. To get this done professionally, you can hire a reliable web development & web design company like Planet Green Solutions if you are looking for one in the Dubai market.

Talking about voice search, 20 percent of all searches on the Google Application are done with the help of this feature. Moreover, nearly 40 percent of internet users based in the United States rely on Voice search assistance. A massive portion of these searches is performed on voice assistants and smart speakers.

Google processes 40,000+ search queries, & that number grows each year steadily. While our requirement for quick answers hasn’t changed, the way we search surely has. Also, there has been a change to the way Google presents us with relevant answers. Today, search engines focus more on aspects such as NLP, better known as Natural Language Processing & the way it affects the results obtained from voice search. Processing the workability of such features requires professional consultation in the Dubai market. So, make sure you get in touch with the best web design company in UAE.

Importance of search

Without a search feature embedded in any website or application, it can be difficult for users to access the content. This makes it a core part of most applications. This is why designers & developers invest a substantial amount of time in making it perfect for the end-users. Users that get access to search options and 3 times more likely to convert as potential customers as opposed to the ones that don’t. The benefit of search isn’t limited to e-commerce platforms. Every application packs in a certain variant of the search functionality.

Number of digital voice assistants in use worldwide from 2019 to 2024 (in billions).

ASR or Automatic Speech Recognition is designed to feed input signals into different types of voice search gadgets. Some also include the use of TTS or Text-To-Speech for sharing accurate results.

Why is Voice Search Getting Bigger?

Everyone is busy with their tight schedules, and in other words, no one has time to type the long message. Imagine your wife calls you to get groceries on your way back home. Like everyone else, you probably don’t want to lose your focus on the road. You simply hit the voice search button and get navigated to the provisional store and message her to send the full list using voice command. It’s as simple as that.

This is just an example of what can be done with voice search. You can also use the voice-based search assistant to read out the entire shopping list for an easy shopping experience. Surely, this isn’t the end of its application. As voice search gets better with each day, its real-time applications are endless.

Voice Search vs. Traditional Search

Voice search is seen as something different by consumers as opposed to the queries over traditional text search engines. This can be a challenging aspect for modern-day search marketers. Potential consumers that use Google or similar voice search options interact in a way that is similar to conversing with other human beings. This is way easier as opposed to typing a series of keywords into the search bar.

Keywords used in voice search comprise a rather natural phrasing of languages, questions, & long-tail searches. As per research, voice search is primarily used by consumers aged between 26 and 35.

Lastly, optimizing your site for voice search interpretation isn’t arduous or complex. Nevertheless, it is a cumbersome technique. You’ll require to be certain that your traditional SEO is impervious while optimizing for long keywords and queries/responses. Yet, thanks to voice search overpowering almost 50% of the prevalent search marketplace, optimizing your website for voice search is worth the grind needed. If you’d want assistance getting your website for voice search, feel free to contact us at Planet Green Solutions, Dubai!

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