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UI UX Design: What You Need To Know About Consistency in App Design

UI UX Design What You Need To Know About Consistency in App Design

One common thing you will notice among all the popular and successful apps is the consistency that is maintained throughout the UI UX design. It is this basic yet the most defining principle that you should always keep in mind while designing an app’s UI.

When you design an application, you do it for your users, so it is necessary to make sure the app design suits them and not confuse them. Let us discover what goes into making an app design consistent.

What Type of Consistencies Do You Require in a Successful App Design?

There are two main consistencies that you need to incorporate into your design approach to make your app design user-friendly:

Visual Consistency

The way your app looks influences how a user is going to interact with it. Here are a few things to consider to ensure visual consistency:

  • Properly define everything about the elements that are to be used in app design. This includes color, typography, size, and position of elements.
  • Ensure that the iconography and graphical elements are in semblance; not only does this promote consistency, but it also boosts your branding efforts.
  • Address the element hierarchy means simply prioritizing the elements based on their importance in the app design.
  • Use a grid system for accurate alignment & spacing in layout design.

Functional Consistency

Functional consistency is a sort of consistency that focuses on how different components of the program act. Functional consistency is essential since it simplifies the learning and use of programs.

Here are a few suggestions for creating functionally consistent apps:

  • Apply the same patterns and interactions to related elements throughout the program. This contains elements like menus, buttons, and sliders.
  • Make use of consistent visual signals to suggest similar capabilities. For example, you could use the same iconography or color scheme for all buttons that open a new screen.
  • Avoid using many interactions to perform the same purpose. For example, don’t use a button to start a new screen in one location and a swiping gesture in another.
  • Run user tests on your app to ensure that the functionality is simple for them to understand and apply.


As you take care of the consistencies mentioned above, also ensure that your app design is in line with the platform-specific design guidelines. This helps the users have a sense of familiarity with the interface. A mobile app development company in Dubai is sure to lend you a helping hand to create consistent app designs to match your unique needs.

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