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UI/UX Best Practices for Real Estate Website Design

ui ux best practices for real estate website design

Visual aesthetics play a significant role in the real estate industry. Agents spend extensive time on proper home staging and often provide suggestions for quick transformation to sellers. However, the same level of attention is not always given to real estate website designs, causing underwhelming first impressions. An easy-to-understand UI/UX design procedure is significant to expand viewer’s interest and the number of visitors. Real estate web design companies in Dubai make stylish websites as well as adapt client-friendly procedures. Applying a robust UI/UX design can add to higher renovation rates, revise business, and expand income for the real estate sector.

Create Real Estate Web Design

Personalize customer interactions

The development team should include potential customers in the continued design process of the real estate website to gain ultimate user satisfaction. At every stage of web design, take customer feedback to customize the website according to user requirements.

Suitable method

Customer-oriented outcomes can be achieved through various techniques. Web developers apply various mechanisms, such as generative tools, research, interviews, surveys, and brainstorming. Aspirity prioritizes the customer journey map (CJM) and client interviews as part of the design.

Precise data

Instead of relying on assumptions about what website visitors want based on business considerations, it is critical to collect real-time data. Remember that the population connected with your website or those who use it for the first time has different thoughts.

Tips to Improve Web Design

  • Searching for an office or home within a busy schedule can be a challenging task. Real estate websites work efficiently despite notifications or images. Add word suggestions in the search bar to avoid people overthinking.
  • When viewers come to the website, make it simple and easy to find anything easily. On the real estate website, add arrows and various visual prompts to reach the desired section.
  • Web developers need to have their websites load in 5 seconds; otherwise, viewers will tend to be impatient and look for other options.
  • On these real estate websites, add a map so viewers can easily see the location. Although it is costly, it is important.
  • Make sure the website looks good on mobile because 6.37 billion people are smartphone users.


Applying UI/UX design to real estate websites can upgrade the client experience and augment business results. Web design companies in Abu Dhabi, Dubai similar to Aspirity, emphasize a client-concentrated procedure for an economical and attractive website, which gradually raises industry competitiveness and long-term growth.

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