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The Pros and Cons of Dark Mode in Web Design

The Pros and Cons of Dark Mode in Web Design

The dark mode is becoming the new UI craze among users, increasingly becoming popular with GenZ and millennials. There is a lot about the dark mode that people like, but from a web design perspective, one would need to consider a multitude of aspects while including dark mode in their design.

What is Dark Mode?

The dark mode is a supplemental mode that modifies your UI. Users can choose between light mode, which is the usual and default mode, and dark mode as per their visual preference. The dark mode uses light-colored icons and texts on a dark background.
Big companies like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook have already adapted dark mode into their features. Most phones also have in-built settings to turn on this UI design.
This mode has become important to many users who swear by it as their visual mode of choice, given its huge array of benefits.
We are a web design company in Sharjah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi. Let us help you build a dark mode feature in your app! But first, let’s look at some pros and cons of dark mode.
Planet Green Solutions is a leading web design and web development firm with clients across Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Dubai. We are here to empower your app with an awe-inspiring dark mode.
Embark on a journey with us as we explore the remarkable advantages and potential drawbacks of embracing the dark mode.

Pros of Dark Mode

  • It reduces eye strain.
    Dark mode has a major health benefit. Screen time has detrimental effects on our eyes and vision, as is common knowledge. The dark mode is proven to reduce said negative effects. It reduces strain on the eyes, headaches, and long-term effects on vision.
  • It is rooted in color psychology.
    Darker colors depict luxury and attract users. This means that your product is likely to generate better reviews and higher customer satisfaction with the availability of dark mode. Websites with a dark design are perceived to be more luxurious, stylish, and modern.
  • It improves readability.
    The high contrast of dark background and white/light texts improves readability by many times. The dark mode also makes text and CTA buttons stand out. This is beneficial to both users and business owners. Users also prefer to use dark mode at night or dim light, since it adjusts better to darker environmental settings.
  • It’s trendy and new!
    Benefits aside, dark mode is necessary to inculcate in your design because it is trendy. It is important to stay up to date with design trends and adapt to user preferences for a better rate of user retention and more success.
  • It is energy-saving and enhances user experience.
    Dark mode helps considerably in energy saving and has a hand in extending battery life. The dark color schemes help in reducing the energy consumed by the displays. This also helps in providing a visually soothing display that reduces eye strain. Overall, it enhances the user experience to a great extent by adding to visual features and system effects.

Cons of Dark Mode

  • It might not work for everyone.
    It is possible that dark mode might not work for you. The emotions it conveys might be inconsistent with your brand image or vision. It is important to choose the correct design keeping the larger picture of your brand in mind.
  • It is not disabled-friendly.
    People with conditions like astigmatism or flash sensitivity may find it harder to adjust to or use dark mode. The high contrast can create blurry images or cause strain on the eyes. However, this is an easily solvable issue – providing both light and dark mode options can easily deal with this.
  • They can shrink your design.
    Darker colors tend to make space look lesser. It shrinks your design. If you want your layout to be more spacious and have more white space, dark mode is not recommended.
  • Inconsistent performance across screens.
    While dark mode improves battery life on most phones, older phones without OLED screens will not experience the same benefit. It will not affect battery life and may even drain it faster.

The dark mode is a hip phenomenon in web design that is sure to remain prevalent for a while to come. Work with Planet Green Solutions UAE to get the best services for web design Dubai or Sharjah or Abu Dhabi can offer.


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