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Successful Corporate Website Redesigns and Their Impact on SEO

Successful Corporate Website Redesigns and their Impact on SEO

Your website’s online presence undoubtedly plays a significant role in attracting customers and boosting business growth. An outmoded website affects your reputation, SEO ranking, and customer experience. Corporate web design companies are at the forefront of exciting initiatives that not only improve your web design but also enhance the user experience. Most website redesigns ignore the impact on SEO ranking, which affects your functional and aesthetic developments. SEO agencies emphasize fundamental techniques like search keyword implementation, to assist companies achieve their target traffic.

SEO in Website Redesign

A website redesign refers to modifications and updates in the structure, content navigation, and format to boost performance and user experience. The biggest advantage is that with web redesign, you can enjoy search engine optimization (SEO) rankings, gain user attention, and boost sales. As website ranking decreases it will hurt your business growth, marketing, and traffic.
Corporate web design agencies play a key role in revamping outdated websites by integrating functionality with aesthetics for a divine online experience. SEO agencies are experts in boosting online visibility by ranking search engine results pages (SERPs). When enterprises collaborate, they not only revamp your online presence, but also enhance your organic traffic by combining SEO strategies, such as keyword research, on-page optimization, and URL structure.

Mistakes During Web Redesigning


The most common mistake people make while redesigning their website is that they do not know their goals or what they want from the design. This often fails to achieve the desired result.

Redirect URLs

The URL structure of a website is important for ranking. If your website is redesigned but the URL remains the same, it will redirect to a new domain. Moreover, it is essential to prepare for 404 web error pages by implementing a version that tells customers what to do to stay on the page.

Examination of Existing Content

Content auditing is what most people fail to do when redesigning their websites. Make sure all the pages have been updated and correct any duplicate pages.  All you need to do is remove those to keep your website uncluttered.

Web redesign is not an automatic task but requires ongoing optimization which may affect SEO ranking too. Don’t forget the importance of redoing your website with a clear purpose and objective to stay away from any negative consequences.

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