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Quality Assurance in Web and App Development

Quality Assurance in Web and App Development

Quality Assurance in Web Development

Quality assurance or QA is an integral part of the web development and mobile app development process. QA aims to ensure the smooth and flawless functioning of your app or website. It involves a series of tests and trials to check the various levels and aspects that affect the smooth running of websites.

What is QA?

No matter how well-made and visually appealing your website is, a smooth user interface is integral to its success. QA is a user-oriented practice that ensures that users have the best possible experience accessing your site. QA is usually done before the launch of the site, but it is still not too late to get it done if you have already launched your brand!

QA involves a few basic elements:-

  • Checking for errors in code
  • Checking for and correcting broken links
  • Looking for bugs and glitches
  • Cookie testing, and
  • Responsiveness analysis

The following three steps are a part of the QA process:-

  • Requirement Testing – This includes assessing if your site meets the requirements of your users. These requirements are specified by you.
  • Design Testing – This part tests the graphics and visuals of your site. It is meant to optimize layouts and the overall structure of the site/app.
  • Functionality Testing – This tests the UI and UX of the app. It is a lengthy process of ensuring that all elements of the site are in optimum condition.

Why is Quality Assurance Important in the Web Development & App Development Process?

Planet Green Solutions is a web development and mobile app development company in Dubai that can help your site with the QA process. QA is important to the web development and app development process for multiple reasons. Any website must have an optimum performance to bring in more users and perform its functions properly. QA is essential for that.

QA reveals bugs and errors that are invisible in regular checks. It is a way of ensuring that the end product is free of any faults. A poor website will have multiple adverse effects on your business. It is also essential to boost UX and create a user-friendly site. Besides this, QA also assesses security features, which prevents any future mishaps.

Remember that the quality assurance agent or tester is the first user of your site. QA is important to understand how users will react to the site and to further optimize it to best suit them. The quality of your web experience makes or breaks your success. This success lies in the hands of the user.

QA predicts how people will respond to your website. If done with precision and after good research, QA reveals a lot about the future of your company, and ways to change it.

The benefits of quality assurance are aplenty. Hurry and invest in quality assurance services and ensure your website at launch is in the best state possible. Work with a web development company in Dubai to choose the correct form of QA for your needs.

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