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Pros & Cons of Using Website Templates vs Custom Design

Pros and Cons of Using Website Templates vs Custom Design

Designing a website is a long process that can be tedious and feel difficult and drawn out. A good web design company in Abu Dhabi, like Planet Green Solutions, can help you create a website for your UAE business with ease. We offer creative solutions to all issues of web design that Dubai-based companies might be facing.

An important question when it comes to web design is the choice between using website templates or creating a custom design. While both help achieve your goal of building an efficient and optimum website, there is still a significant choice to make. Your decision should be based on what you think your website needs and what should be prioritized.

This article provides a brief look at the pros and cons attached to each of these options to help you make an informed decision:

Using Website Templates

The use of pre-designed templates to design your website is highly popular. Multiple templates are available across design sites. They vary in graphics, plugins, and features, and can be customized to some extent.


  • Using templates is easy and convenient. It works best for companies looking to build a simple website without much hassle.
  • You get hundreds of design options to choose from. There is no dearth of templates, which means you have no lack of choice. You can select the correct templates according to your business needs.
  • Website templates cost less than custom websites. It is cost-effective because not much technical labor is required in it. You can design sites without any coding expertise.


  • Templated websites often end up looking the same, and do not provide a unique look or design to your brand. This has a poor effect on brand image and user retention.
  • Some templates can cause problems with search engine optimization and mobile responsiveness. It is difficult to customize templates far enough to fix these issues.
  • Templates are built keeping basic best design practices in mind, but they don’t offer much design flexibility.

Using Custom Designs

Custom websites are built from scratch. Each element of the site is carefully made and your entire layout is carefully curated. The site is coded into existence.


  • You have complete control over the design process and can decide all minute to major elements.
  • You can build a unique website according to your needs and creative vision. Custom websites are more scalable and optimizable.
  • Custom websites offer a better opportunity to build and sustain brand image and solidify brand identity.


  • A custom website is usually expensive since it requires a lot of work. If you are looking to cut costs, this might not be the best option.
  • Custom designs also take time to materialize. This is not a quick solution to web design and requires work and patience.


Your decision between templates and custom designs must rest on careful consideration of your budget, immediate needs and time limit. Work with us, the best web development company in Dubai to experience optimum web development services and build a strong brand.

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