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How to Optimize Websites?

How to Optimize Websites

Website optimization is a must if you want to make it to the top in your business. Ranking in the SERP list is not so difficult if you know the appropriate tactics to follow. It was estimated that in the year 2019, the SERPs result list was determined using as high as 200 ranking factors.

However, times have changed. For your website to rank in the present world scenario, you need to focus solely on a single factor, i.e., SEO essentials. Hiring the best agency for web design in Dubai will surely reap you a lot of benefits. Let’s look at some of the proven ways to optimize your website.

Page Speed Optimization

The primary factor that plays an essential role in website optimization is, unarguably, page speed. It refers to the entire time taken to display the page fully. Maile Ohye, the Google Webmaster scholar, says the ideal threshold for page loading is within 2 seconds.

Evaluate your page speed first using several tools available online. If it shows anywhere below 2.9 seconds, you need to buckle up. For folks who do not wish to get into the technicalities, the key is to hire the best website design, Dubai services.

Fix Errors, Broken Links, Etc.

Yet another trick to help your website reach the top is by eliminating all the broken links, errors, and bugs. Fix the loading errors that appear, such as 5xx or 4xx. Such errors hamper the user experience, which eventually results in website abandonment.

Sites crawlers will help you identify these pages. Some of the examples of such errors are 400 (bad request), 404 (not found), 401 (unauthorized), and 500 (internal server error).

Technical SEO

Although technical SEO is not readable like keywords that are the face of your website, it still matters a lot as it’s the backend process. For technical SEO optimization, you need to make sure your site is smartphone-friendly.

Identify and rectify any status code errors found. The meta descriptions and title tags you’re using must be used by your competitors as well. This might be distracting your traffic. Professionals of web design company¬†will help you generate the right keywords and meta tags.

Keyword Research

Extensive keyword research is the key to the correct optimization of your site. Through SEO keyword research, you can easily identify the target audience and their needs. The keywords reflect what problems your audience is facing and what type of solution they’re looking for.

Keyword title match and page ranking are co-related. As you know, every second, Google processes 60,000 queries. And keyword research is the key to reaching out to your target audience by incorporating appropriate keywords in your content.


When your website is armed with correct tactics and different tools aimed at optimization, you’ll fly high within no time. Your brand will top the SERP list while potential clients search using relevant keywords that you use to target.

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