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Government Website Design: A Simple Guide to Success by Planet Green Solutions

Government Website Design A Simple Guide to Success by Planet Green Solutions

If a government website wants to build a successful online platform, then the focus should primarily be on the user experience (UX). Citizens use appealing and seamless private websites, and when they come to government websites, they become exasperated. Most of these frustrations are due to incompatible design patterns and navigation systems. As an elite government web design company in Dubai, UAE we can ease off the complexity around web design and web development. Our goal is to create innovative methods that efficiently integrate utility and aesthetics. Government websites are the biggest source of information and services for citizens, and with our experience, we have developed appealing, user-friendly websites. Let’s dive deep to explore the ideas and strategies that impact government websites.

Government Website Design

Government web designs are distinctive and to accomplish this demand, designers develop CMS (content management system). The purpose of this design is to manage digital information and ensure that this information assists stakeholders and citizens. As compared to the private sector, government web design faces different obstacles. On other business websites, developers have to focus on a targeted audience, while on government websites; they focus on a population of various professions. These web designs emphasize accessibility, simplicity, and variations to attract a larger audience.

Guideline for Government Web Design

Maintain Web Design

To optimize your government website, visual harmony is important. On every single page, the design of your website must be similar. To grab visitors’ attention with the information they want, create an aesthetic and updated homepage that connects to extinct inner pages. By regularly maintaining the website, it remains updated and has an appealing interface.

Focus on Target

First of all, make a priority list of content and features that are essential for the audience. Subsequently, ensure that visitors can find it on your website. Recognize your objectives and match your coming products with them.

Adaptive Design

Usually, government websites are not suitable for all devices. This situation becomes terrible because half of the web traffic comes from mobile phones.

Government Web Design Experience

Planet Green Solution(PGS) shows its dedication to government web design through its work with the United Arab Emirates Cabinet website. The clear, user-friendly layout reflects their cabinet member’s national objectives and roles. Moreover, on the Gov Games website, PGS shows its expertise through its language support, interesting stories, and innovative content. Our technical expertise was also exhibited by working with the Arab Strategy Forum. Additionally, other government web design projects include the GX platform, which emphasizes community building and sharing knowledge. Another milestone we accomplished by working with the Executive Office of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

For Crown Prince Court Abu Dhabi, we developed the Qudwa website, which is a combination of both dynamic and modern design that shows the court’s achievements and projects. In the web design of the Ministry of Tolerance and Coexistence, our developers effectively merged the ministry’s message into the user interface and visual design of the web. To make youth aware of authority services and enterprises our team elegantly designed the Federal Youth Authority’s website. These campaigns show our commitment and devotion to understanding the specific needs of government organizations and providing a user-friendly, seamless, and aesthetic solution.

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