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Future Trends in Mobile App Development

Future Trends in Mobile App Development

The world has in many ways, been completely digitalized. In this day and age, no one can deny the absolute imperativeness for businesses to invest in a web presence. An intrinsic part of this is creating mobile applications. There are several benefits of these apps. They add value to your brand and boost sales. Mobile apps have taken online interactions with businesses into a new era. Apps can be developed through platforms like Flutter, Xamarin, and Cordova.

As a business owner, you should consider them for many reasons, including

  • Apps create convenient interaction opportunities between producer and consumer
  • They allow for the easier promotion of sales and services
  • They offer great data mining opportunities
  • Create brand awareness and solidify the brand image

As you set out to build your app, keep in mind these future trends in mobile development that will help you create an application that is trendy and future-oriented. These options can be considered for apps built for both Android and iOS systems.

Artificial Intelligence

All app and web design strategies now include AI in their ambit. AI is the next big thing, and you should make full use of its benefits to create a truly unique and seamless experience for the user. AI in mobile apps can take the form of chatbots, speech recognition, biometrics, and image recognition. This adds a personal touch and creates a custom experience for users.

Internet of Things

Allowing your app to be accessed by smart devices brings a lot of value to your brand. IoT-based apps perform several functions – from playing music to booking cabs. Interacting with physical objects is the apex of mobile app technology, plus it makes things easier for both the user and developer.

Motion Design

Creating solid graphics and an attractive design is one of the basics of creating a successful app. Motion design is key to this. Motion design simply refers to the use of animation, videography, and visual effects in your app’s design. This is beneficial in a multitude of ways. Motion graphics are cheaper and budget-friendly, and they create aesthetic value. It is memorable and helps users retain information.

Touchless UI

Touchless UI provides a simple way of interacting with apps, that excludes any touch-based actions. It is intuitive and sensor-based. It can include voice-based technology, gesture control as well as motion detection. It is expected that 50% of businesses will include touchless UI in apps by 2023. Touchless UI creates convenience as well as makes for a unique user experience.


Take your mobile app a step further – introduce it to wearable devices. Smart watches, smart jewelry, hearing aids, smart glasses, and smart shoes are all the rage right now. Create a responsive app that can be used through multiple devices. Also new and coming are foldable devices. It is best to optimize your app design for all possibilities.


There is no limit to what new technology you can include in your mobile app. Trends like predictive analytics, virtual reality, beacon technology, cloud-based app design, blockchain, and mobile wallets will also be valuable additions to app design. The key is to create a design which suits your brand and service. We suggest UAE businesses work with a mobile app development company in Dubai and create an app that is unique, seamless, and responsive and boosts their business.

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