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Common Mistakes In Web Design And How To Avoid Them

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Most of the websites are visually appealing but aren’t packed with unique features and amazing functionality. Website owners have a misconception that the appearance of the website alone will draw in visitors.

But, a poorly built website without any exciting features or functions will never be able to achieve the desired traffic. Why is that? Maybe it’s because you’ve spent enough time finding the right website design company in Dubai to enhance appearances. Maybe you have fallen prey to some of the common mistakes that website owner makes. Well, this ends here. Today you’ll find out how to avoid such mistakes.

No Call To Action

Is your conversion rate too low even after your website is getting a lot of traffic? That solely happens because your content lacks Call to Action. This is an important part that’s responsible for converting your visitors into your clients or customers.

The last two to three lines express your intention to the reader. Whether you want the visitors to buy your product or keep reading your content, you’ll have to communicate your intention through Call to Action.

Error in Style, Color, and Font Size

If your users are having trouble navigating your website or reading the blog’s content, you’re certainly doing something wrong. Use appropriate font style and nice warm colors, and add images into your content to help your reader get the most out of your content.

A professional web design Dubai company will rightly guide you in building the perfect website. The last thing you want is your users having a terrible experience in a visit to your website.

Outdated and Old Content

Outdated articles and news sections make your website look like it was last updated in the Elizabethan era. So stay fresh and updated when it comes to blogs, articles, or news on your site. If the audience doesn’t get the current talk of the town, it’s going to find the talk elsewhere.

So, keep your content relevant and updated to avoid setting a monotonous tone for the audience. Once you hook the readers to your daily dose of information, they’ll keep coming back for more!


You need to prove your authenticity to modern browsers. In case the browsers sense anything fishy, it will notify the users that your site isn’t safe. So, first things first, your website should have a valid HTTPS certificate in place.

HTTPS ensures data encryption and prevents cyber criminals from intercepting your valuable information. Everything remains confidential and encrypted. In case you’re not informed enough about this aspect, seek professional help from the best web design companies in UAE.


Following such basic steps will set you apart from your competitors. Most website owners tend to make such mistakes, which is why they’re left behind in the SERPs list. If your business is here to stay, avoid the mistakes mentioned above or rectify them.

For further effective guidance, it’s strongly advised to seek the professional help of web design company in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah. Planet Green Solutions is here to cater to all kinds of website design and development needs. Our 12+ years of experience in this niche makes us one of the most reliable and reputed companies in Dubai.

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