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A Basic Checklist to Build a Website

A Basic Checklist to Build a Website - Web Design Development Dubai, UAE

Nowadays, having an online presence is a must for all businesses to target a larger audience, and it’s important for customers to know that they can reach you easily. When it comes to that, having a website plays a vital role in creating brand identity and trust. It’s a form of advertisement and allows potential clients to learn more about your company, services offered, and so on. This is why it is recommended that you seek professional advice from the best web design companies in UAE.

Creating a website can be challenging, and it can be not easy to decide where to start. It’s best to put one foot forward to design and develop a website that fulfills the motive with a proper plan that includes

The Website’s Purpose

As a starting point, determine the purpose of the website as a starting point, considering the target audience and utilization. The Website platform can be used for simple informational purposes, e-commerce, and portals. There are a number of different goals that a website could be optimized for. It’s important to understand and outline micro-goals before you begin developing your website. To help you outline your purpose better, bring on board a web design Dubai team.

Domain Name and Web Hosting

A digital address is an initial step required while starting a company and is what people will use to get connected to your website. Choosing an appropriate domain and hosting considering the nature of the website, expected users, and security helps to capture more traffic to the website.


Choosing the perfect font, colour pallet, and clear logo can increase your brand awareness and help people become familiar with your brand. Placing the logo and brand elements on the overall website can enhance the look and feel and let the visitors know exactly where they are and what to expect.

Design and Development

It is crucial to choose the right development team who can set up the website according to the specifications and functionality. If you are looking for one in the Dubai market, you can seek the services of Planet Green Solutions. Designing the website with the latest trends, considering the minimalistic approach and proper white spacing to make it less cluttered and easier to read and navigate around the website.

Sitemap and Features

Setting up a clear sitemap with a number of pages, tools like forms, blogs, maps, etc., and navigation can provide more value to the readers and visitors. Features that allow users to interact with the website are usually more advanced, which makes it flawless for users to navigate the website. Determining the proper website content and information that users find valuable is essential. The right content placed in the right manner and structure attracts more users and makes their job easier to get the required information. So, how would you do that? The key is to hire a web design company in Dubai like Planet Green Solutions.

Responsive and Accessibility Guidelines

Making sure that the website adjusts to mobile and other devices automatically are important as most of the searches come from mobile devices. A website should have a digital accessibility feature. This is a website’s ability to allow easy navigation and understanding of a wide array of user personas. This includes the users with auditory, visual, cognitive, or motor disabilities.

Website Security and Maintenance

A website should follow all the security practices and guidelines during the development and launch of a website to keep the information safe and prevent it from being hacked.

A website needs regular maintenance, which doesn’t just include code updates as per the latest versions of browsers, but also for the core system and software used every now and then. It will enhance the website’s performance, and it’s important for security reasons. This is especially true in scenarios when vulnerabilities need to be patched before any bot or hacker exploits them to infiltrate your website.
This might be a bit overwhelming for businesses that need to focus on multiple aspects in one go. To ease the process, you can hire professionals at Planet Green Solutions for all your web development or web design needs.

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