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8 Steps of Website Development Process

8 steps of website development process

Our teams have perfected an efficient process for designing excellent websites that cater to our client’s complex requirements, making us one of the best website development companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Here, we will take you through the key stages of our web development process.

1. Requirement Analysis

To start a successful website, a very good understanding of what the client wants, is needed. Understanding the commercial purposes the company pursues, its target audience, and the functionality it desires should also help. This way, a detailed methodology, which might be consistent with what our customers want, is developed.

2. Planning and Strategy

Having a clear comprehension of what is needed, we move to the stage of planning. This includes the definition of the project’s scope, the creation of a sitemap, and the development of a strategic roadmap. A sitemap serves as a prototype showing the way various components would be interconnected to ensure that all presented information has been properly organized on the web page.

3. Design

Our design team comes next in line to design visually attractive and easy-to-navigate designs. We give more importance to responsive design for the website to look good on any device be it a desktop or mobile phone. To show the website’s layout and major design elements visually, it is our work to create wireframes and mockups for our clients about their projects.

4. Content Creation

To make content engaging as well as search engine optimized, our team of professionals delivers engaging content that appeals to the intended audience. They include text, videos, and images among others to convey the identity of the brand systematically and universally.

5. Development

After the design and content have been approved, our developers start building the website. To create a strong, secure, and scalable website, we employ the newest technologies and frameworks. For example, during this phase all functions are merged: e-commerce features are present, while there is also a content management system (CMS) among others.

6. Testing and Quality Assurance

Quality is important to us and that’s why we conduct thorough tests to verify that the website functions flawlessly across different browsers and devices. We check the website for any errors to provide the best user experience.

7. Launch

We launch the website after testing and approval from clients. This includes deploying it into your hosting server for finalization checks, and making sure everything works right there; other than training your people on how they can manage or update this website themselves.

8. Maintenance and Support

We promise ongoing maintenance and support after it’s launched, to make sure it stays up to date and safe. This consists of regular updates, backups, and troubleshooting so that the website continues to perform well.


web development process steps

Following the processes is very important in web development. It is only by adhering to these crucial stages that you can build your desired business platform.

For those intending to either start a new website from scratch or remodel an already existing one, we are present to help them go through all stages leading to the end of the project without any diversions along the way.

web development process
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