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10 Must-Have Features for Ecommerce Sites

10 Must-Have Features for Ecommerce Sites - ecommerce web design Dubai

When the world was buried under the wrath of the notorious COVID-19 pandemic, eCommerce boomed as people started shopping online. With stores closed off, people shifted their attention to eCommerce portals. Regardless, this boom is the new future, and businesses should utilize this chance by connecting with a web design team in Dubai.

So, without further ado, here is a complete list of features that can make your eCommerce website a customer’s favourite.

User-friendly Navigation 

Shoppers today have a short attention span. So, it is important to get their interest and attention in the shortest possible time. If your potential customer cannot locate what they need on your website, they won’t stay for long. Moreover, the chances of them purchasing something drop down significantly. An easy-to-use and helpful navigation feature can aid eCommerce websites in keeping their customers and making more sales.

Ensure that these menus can be located with ease. You can add them on the top for better visibility.

Organized product classes and categories enhance navigation. This is why your product must be upgraded to structured classes and categories. This makes it easy for a potential customer to look for the desired product. A tidy, well-designed, & responsive website design facilitates faster ranking on the search engines. So, if you are aiming for the first page on your desired search engine, this should be your go-to move. If you are looking for a dedicated team for web design in the Dubai market, connecting with Planet Green Solutions can be your best bet.

High-quality Photography

Humans interact with pictures and graphics more than they do with texts. If you own an e-commerce website, visual presentations can add a sense of quality and trust to the brand for its customers. About half of the customers that shop at an eCommerce platform judges a brand’s reputation by reviewing the website’s image quality & visual design.

About 93 per cent of shoppers on eCommerce platforms rely on a product’s image to finalize their purchase decision. So, including high-quality shots of your product can be your prime conversion factor.

While you are at it, ensure that the visual add-ons in your eCommerce website don’t make your pages load slow.

An Easy Purchase Path

To ensure better conversion, eCommerce websites should put in efforts to get rid of potential barriers on the website. Your action button should be easy to locate & compelling enough to make the customers click. Ensure that you use enticing and short words like “Add To Cart” or “Purchase Now”. You also need to ensure that the button’s colour is in contrast with the surroundings for better visibility.

But it’s not just about the Buy button. On average, 69% of all eCommerce visitors abandon their shopping baskets before completing the checkout process. A large chunk of these abandonments is inevitable. Many users who add items to their baskets are still exploring their options and aren’t ready to buy. Allow shoppers to check out as a guest, remove or collapse your non-essential form fields and offer a variety of payment options.

Customer Support

You got your customer to purchase your product or service. But what comes next? How can you ensure that your customers come back for more? How would you retain them? The key is to ensure reliable customer support for your eCommerce website. Top eCommerce websites have support feature that is easily accessible for an end-to-end service.

To ensure that customer support is reachable, brands need to ensure that details such as phone numbers, links, or chat access are available on the contact page of the website. This gives your customers an enhanced sense of trust, stating that the brand cares for its customers and is ever-ready to facilitate their needs.

Make sure you get your site reviews from a company dedicated to web design, Dubai. This will help with better feature integration.

Product Reviews

Nearly all of us who shop online read reviews before making a purchase. We’re also 3x more likely to buy a product that has been reviewed compared to a product with no reviews at all. If you don’t have product reviews on your site, your customers will go looking for them. Don’t give your customers a reason to leave your website; display your product reviews right alongside your products.

Prominent Search Interface

A reliable eCommerce website has a highly responsive search box designed to provide relevant suggestions. These types of search boxes integrated with the website help buyers locate their desired products quickly. This is an excellent way to address the needs of a busy customer that doesn’t want to scroll through the entire website looking for a specific product.

Include FAQs and blog posts in your search results, but make sure your results page isn’t just a boring list of links. You should see your search results page as an opportunity to provide other engaging content related to their search.

While it can be tempting to curate your product reviews and only show the best, this can actually work against you. Products with an average star rating of 4.7 – 5.0 are less likely to be purchased than those in the 4.2 – 4.7 range, which suggests that customers are less likely to trust the integrity of the review process if all reviews are extremely positive.

Hassle-free Returns Policy

Delivery & returns data tend to be crucial for a brand’s website and thus facilitate the customer’s trust establishment process with the brand.

Having an easy return option assures your customers that the purchase they plan on making with your website isn’t a risk.

And if your store doesn’t have physical locations where a customer can experience the product first-hand, it’s even more important that you can provide clear instructions on how items can be returned.

Ensure that your customers know about free or easy return options. Add this information to your welcome bar & mention it on different product pages. Also, remember to add more information about it in your website’s FAQs section.

Product Recommendations

If you have ever shopped online, you would have surely looked through the related product section. These suggestions can be a crucial way to increase your business’ overall profits. This feature doesn’t just make your customers buy more but also read about similar products for a current or future purchase. This also facilitates the upsell of accessories & related products.

Most customers have a habit of scrolling through the website before they make a purchase decision. Product recommendations can help add to their requirements, especially if they didn’t know about them. Plus, it also enhances the user experience and thus increasing the chance of them returning.

Many stores also offer personalized recommendations by asking the shopper to answer a few questions in the form of a quiz or calculator. The products suggested are tailored to the users’ specific needs, providing a more personal, customized experience that leads to higher conversion rates.

Multiple Payment Portals

When talking about searching for their favourite product or service, customers love indulging in websites that have a plethora of choices when it comes to payment options. Today, more and more customers shop via smartphones. This is why it is important for merchants and brands to integrate a reliable mobile payment system for ease and security.

Customers are now opting for mobile wallets that provide ease of accessibility and improved security along with profitable options such as offers, discounts, or coupons.


By integrating the latest and the best payment solutions, merchants can see additional customer onboarding. This results in better ROI for one’s business. Mobile wallets such as Android Pay, PayPal, & Apple Pay can consolidate payment options across different channels. This makes the payment process secure, easy, and convenient.

Rewards For Loyalty

As per research, the estimated cost to attract new customers can be 5X more than that of retaining an existing one. Moreover, your existing customer is highly likely to purchase again. On average, the second purchase happens about 16 days from the first one. Plus, the overall spending is higher than the first one.

Additionally, introducing a rewards program can be an effective method to make sure that the customers stay loyal to your brand and shop again.

There are a couple of different types: loyalty and referral. Loyalty schemes offer customers points or similar toward a future purchase and help increase the average value of future orders. Referral schemes provide a discount in exchange for sending customers your way, which increases the customer base. Which one you pick will depend on your products and your target demographic, but the two can easily work alongside each other.

Final Words

With these pointers in mind, you can see a steady and reliable boost in your eCommerce business. The key is to maintain consistency and follow-through. Even when it seems like the solutions aren’t working, it might just be a delay. Do not hasten the process. Rather, ensure that everything is in place by hiring a professional eCommerce web design company in Dubai like Planet Green Solutions.

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